Monday, October 11, 2010

UPDATE 1ST GROUP : Top 10 Otaku Rooms/Collections

Hey guys and girls!! Lots of response from the event and d*mn, they blew our expectations away. Mountains high of manga, stacks of games/DVD's and nicely arranged figures that I want lol ><". Katsu here just to update you guys of what we got early on that made us green with envy. These people took time out of their busy hours of playing games and watching anime which we all know is important right?....RIGHT!? >.<" Well Here's a few pictures that these nice people sent:

(click on image for actual size)

First off: Andrew 零 Voraboud 愛

38834_460976497344_730282344_5983381_4690451_n.jpg (61 KB)

WOW!! COME ON!! EPIC POSE FROM ANDREW HIMSELF!! A clear proud otaku pointing at his collection *tears* we feel the same, look at that. Over *counts* 20 different series in manga and it keeps going cause I got tired from counting half way. Figures of maids ;) in the BOTH cabins if you look behind him. Nicely done, just hope he has space to put his other stuff. Cool Tin/metal cases for the DVD's I believe. Thanks Andrew.

Second: Christine Stock

72099_439575846559_515121559_6000778_489933_n.jpg (100 KB)

Christine..Lucky one. A friend of us and a collection we seen personally which never stops to amaze us every time we see it. Told this was taken awhile back so I'll love to see a picture taken of it now. TONS of manga*probably weights about one*, BLUE-RAY DVD of anime/movies and you thought watching anime alone was cool, imagine watching it in BLUE-RAY. Hmm ..watching the ending of School Days in blue-ray =P, not going to spoil it... its... beautiful. Games included somewhere and to finish it off, a kimono hanging nicely on the wall. Nice touch Chrissii and thanks for the photo of your wonderful collection.

Third: Emi Stuart

O2.jpg (46 KB)

HI Emi, nice Light and L plushies =) hmmm... what band is that in the background? looks cool

O1.jpg (95 KB)

dedication much!? Manga in there original langauge =3 I see detective conan, one piece, naruto, inuyasha I believe in the back there. Welcome to the N.H.K in english but we'll let that slide cause its that cool of a collection and...thats all I can read LOL but still a impressive display which needs to be seen. Nice

O3.jpg (75 KB)

Awww...What a epic picture to end by...GAMES!!! Final Fantasy X nice, HAHA preowned ratchet & clank 2 FTW!! Don't worry, I love the series and just got R&C2 recently preowned too lol. Super smash brothers ahhh..a day where otakuism has never gone without a mention of it *PIKACHU CHEAP SHOT* and cool other games too . Thanks for the wonderful pictures Emi.

Fourth: Leigh Greaves

untitled2_8.bmp (1.1 MB)

WANTED!! Dead or Alive..You would be too if you got these cool wall scrolls! One piece of Zoro and Luffy NICE ><" Look at the sizes of them, not a easy find. TV with VCR and DVD player ahhh...the days where you would watch evangelion on tape, computer, nice thick montior YEAH!! with a shelf of manga at the right, all you need now is Sanji to cook you something and your set for a epic night of otakuism!

untitledeva.bmp (1.1 MB)

Evangelion units and figures in small and large<3><" LEGEND OF ZELDA MANGA!! Neko would die for this, NICEE!! with Air Gear *hi5 from Katsu*

untitled4.bmp (1.1 MB)

Awww poor Gohan on the far right. Don't worry little guy, your SS2 form is more sexier than shinji in a suit =P Gundam seed little guys on the front line cool. Its a army of plug suit kids =P
Collectible trading little final fantasy dudes!! Got 4 too dude!! Nice going. A cool close up of his figures.

untitled6.bmp (1.1 MB)

I just have too.. I OBJECT ><"!! phoenix wright manga !! Evangelion, Hellsing, Initial D, Dragon Ball and beyblades, what ever happened to them? Nevermind that, this is a cool otaku room !!

untitled3.bmp (1.1 MB)

Well we know the 3 picture rule but come on.. if it is to improves someones cool collection even by a little we would do it cause we want them to be proud of it !! A close up of the gundam seed figures nice Leigh, you are the man !

Nice pictures everyone who send and we hope for more because we would like you to show us your passion, your hobby and your collection <3 Thanks Leigh,Christine,Emi and Andrew for sending. Epic pictures and we envy what you guys have. Come on people, send to for your pictures to be seen here. Help us grow to something greater.

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  1. Leigh here, suprisingly the one piece wall scrolls are actually cafe curtains and only cost $11 each. They are 120cm x 80cm.