Monday, October 18, 2010

UPDATE 2ND GROUP : Top 10 Otaku Rooms/Collections

Katsu here again. Neko gave me some new pictures to post and here they are. A little late but really its worth seeing another group of otaku people with otaku rooms. Last time we had Christine, Emi, Andrew and Leigh. We seen mountains of manga and games. Seen a lot of cool figures and even unique setups with computers. We need more and want more of your cool collections ><". COME ON!! Anyways here's the next group:

By the way, I'm trying to resize the images so its easier for you guys without having to click on it. Tell me if this is better or the thumbnails are better please. I guess the three image rule is a little rusty that it can't be seen but oh wellz. otaku collections ARE WORTH IT!

Firstly: FUYUMI

Its Fuyumi and apparently she wrote her own little captions for each but I wont let it have it her way =P.

FUYUMI: yes. I am a ugly bit- *is shot* :) without my cosplay essentials >n<;;

Aww why you you say that..Well they're cool plushies and its hard to not imagine you being one of them seeing the similarities haha =P. Bleach and other characters I forgot the names of ><" The colors of each plushie is different so it looks nice stacked together. Cool figures in the background.

FUYUMI: my very small collection of anime discs :( The only completed is Angelic Layer :( btw FUN FACT: Fuyumi loves Box sets :)

Haha nice. Indeed, box sets are very nice because of the art printed on them and its like a collection for each volume. It can be argued that the compressed ones take less space but its up to the person. Anyways...BLACK ROCK SHOOTER!!! Neko and I recently watched the OVA for it with subs and its nicely done. The music, action and even voicing was nicely put together. Its cool you got the DVD for it from the figma.
Its a collection none the less and that's what we like. MUHAHAHA burnt anime copies in the middle there? ><"

FUYUMI: my massive wall of posters and images :) my wall doesn't have anymore space so I started putting 'em on the ceiling (bottom right corner) there are two that survived this year :) also my 1000 puzzle piece of TRC :DD

O_O" massive indeed...hmmm too bad its a small picture but its cool none the less and nice on the puzzle piece ><" Got one of Death Note but I could never get around to doing it cause I don't want to lose a piece.. Lost a piece of something before and its been scaring me ever since =P. ITS EVEN WORSE WHEN YOU LOSE A GUNDAM KIT PIECE @#$%!! Anyways...Nice pictures on the wall ranging from tsubasa chronicles, Naruto, Vampire knight and even Black Rock Shooter. Very hard to find BRS ones. Nice going.

FUYUMI: my manga/magazine colletion :DD Mostly shoujo...which I don't want it to be QnQ but the Shounen Jump magazines make up for it LOLOLOL though I stopped march 2009 :( stopped going to the BORDERS i bought them from becasue Parra are freaking useless and don't have them >_>"

First thing to notice.. CONFUSIION WITH THE IMAGE THE MIDDLE. After awhile I noticed it was a collage ><". Nice on the shounen Jump mag's and if you don't like parramatta borders there are ones at Kings Comics in the city that go cheap. Manga wise, nice on the trinity blood cause they have a unique drawing style. DISGAEA 2 LOL NICE and Fruit Basket boxset in the background? That probably cost alot lol. By the way BORDERS at parramatta is indeed a little slow from updates and stuff so you can probably order things in with a gift card if you need urgent.

FUYUMI: very small collection of my figurines :)

Ahhh nice ending with the figures. I love lucky star and its soo cute with the trading ones ><" Black Rock Shooter figma from the 2nd BBQ at Anime Abbotsford, noticing you trying to take off the head O_O. Little gundam ones, Ben 10 toy ><", Yoko in maid costume from Gurren Lagann nice and Air gear. Nice collection of manga, anime, figures and pictures all round. Thanks Fuyumi.

Secondly: Mark

Mark gots a impressive collection of Tsubasa Chronicles manga NICE. Gundam kits YAY!! *hi5* Rikku figure from Final Fantasy X and even a FFX-2 walkthrough I see? ahhh my friend you will be. I got one too ><" Nice on the different dress spheres ;P Sayuki Reloaded DVD set, Kill Bill 1-2, Bleach Cups? and half of Lucky Star shrine uniform AHHH!!!

Close up on the freezing NICE keyblade* you know? cool is cool but freezing is cool x2? oh shh..* Nice having one ><" Seems handmade, Ooo prop skills Mark =P

Where the MAN sleeps with wall scrolls of Black Cat, Tsubasa Chronicles which seems famous nowadays, Samurai X, FMA coat for doing cool experiments =P and Misa Misa on the wall ><". Where do you get that cool bedsheet ><" Me wants one.

First thing was " Wow ". THE man has a epic setup with easy access to manga and figures. Claymore wallpaper and scroll to the right nice. A cabin of more figures and medals on the top. LORD OF THE RINGS!! poster and cool unique figures still in the box at the very top ><" Wish I had this guys room.

QUEENS BLADE!! Neko's got a weak spot for queens blade related stuff =P. Ikkitousen figures and OMG KANU IN A MAID COSTUME!!! and that Bible Black figure? ^^ Chobits, Strike Witches and sekriei nicely done. Busty and armed. Lastly...Busou Renkin figure O_O first time seeing one NICE.

Ending that nice tour with a close up of a detailed queens blade figure and other figures from Strike Witches. Thanks for the images Mark of your collection. We...Well I will remember that cool setup ><"

Thirdly: Sammy

K-ON!! A good close-up of three cool figures. Peace.

Always wanted a Haro plushies ><" Monoka, H.Miku, Slitch with a cool looking spiced pink thing. =] What is that? A nice little plushie set.

Impressive anime DVD's. Some compressed sets and some box sets. Gundam Seed finished nicely done, LUCKY STAR vol1-2 ><"!!, small collection of Ghibli DVD's, Gunslinger Girls and even tenjou tenge. You got a nice collection and many animes to finish. I'll love to hear your opinion on some of your favorites and least favorites =]. Thanks for your collection Sammy.

Lastly: Teoh

Very clean and very organized, very rare =]. A glass cabin of hatsune miku figures and plushies, a unique looking shelf with busty and armed figures NICE ><" *don't hit me Neko*. Cool samurai sword on top, Astro Boy SALUTE! and another set of cool figures on the left. Want a closer look, ask us =]

Vocaloid ALARM!! =3 Miku to the left, Miku to the right, through the mirror another Miku in sight ><" ...ok lame I know but it was cool in my mind. Another sword on the wall with another shelf in clean form. Figure full of course.

(please fullsize this image to see the cabinet full of miku goodies!)

Hmmm..I wonder if that is a full size Miku pillow sheet. Anyways Remember that glass cabin of Hatsune Miku figures/plushies? This is it. Chibi form, figma form, plushie form, any kind you'll probably find it in there. A nice japanese kimono doll that looks very elegant in its our space. Asuka in a maid costume, and DVD's nicely stacked in the shelf. With all the swords you would think his a real samurai protecting his Miku. hmmm.. 3 swords = Zoro from One piece? =3 Now that I think bout it, he'll be a cool Zoro ><" Thanks for the pictures Teoh. Told these pictures where old so it'll be cool to see recent ones =].

Overall these pictures are awesome. Collections of unique favorites such as Tsubasa Chronicles or Hatsune Miku. Thanks a lot Teoh, Sammy, Fuyumi(nickname) and mark THE man. Your rooms are very impressive and are a lot better then ours by far LOL. By the way, anyone know how to add that " read more " option? Because I don't want to lag your pc's with LONG posts ><" Doing these posts being capped take a lot of time but worth it when you guys read our posts on a daily basis and follow us ><"!


  1. LOLOLOL thanks Kev :) me and my ugly bitch fa- *is shot* ^^

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    To create the "Read more" option, use the Jump break feature/tool in the Compose tab when writing your posts. Check this site out for more details (incase you can't find the icon i'm talking about)