Sunday, October 10, 2010

Top 10 Otaku Room's


Sorry guys i had a rage at blogspot for not co-operating with me soo i made katsu deal with it while i slept LOL

Anyways i got some great news! and i want you all to participate. Pretty please??? *puppy dogs eyes* To get our site up and running we came up with the idea of showing other anime lovers their collections to you all ^^.

Details here: (sorry guys i c/p it from facebook OTL)

We want to know who has the top 10 otaku rooms or just your awsome otaku collection and we dont care bout mess ^^!!

Such collections may include:

Game console collections
Model Kits
CPU setups

We would like 3 pictures.
-One of your collection/Bedroom.
-another close up of your favorite piece
-one of you in the collection because we want to know who you are!!
Please dont be shy and send pictures to

We'll have updates on the people who sent early and if you would like discussions or just talk about anything just comment. We'll announce the top 10 near the final date and see whos the otaku top 10!! ^^ ♥

We'll try to give u as much credit as possible and if you would like us to post under your name your DA, facebook or any account then were happy to do so =]

Thank you soo much
♥Neko Chan~

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